Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

image by: www.designora.com When it comes to creating a website for your business, there are business owners who prefer hiring a freelance web developer over hiring a design firm. One of the most daunting task with working with a freelancer

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Avoid Malware Infection and Keep PC Errors at Bay

Malware programs have turned out to be the single most deadly cause of different types of problems with computers today. Malware basically is a broad term that is used to address a collection of different types of malicious programs, such

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Best Ways to Solve Internet Issues on Your PC

The internet has been one of the greatest technological advances of our time, but it has also brought with it a plethora of problems. The rise of the internet has opened the floodgates to viruses, hackings, phishing, and what not.

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Free WordPress Template from JBWEBDEV

I’ve been meaning to put out my very own WordPress theme but haven’t had much time to fully devote to it. Well at long last, here it is…a free WordPress template which I titled “OceanicFlight“, because I’m a big Lost

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CSS Tooltip That Works With IE6

A tooltip is a great way to present the user with a small popup when they hover over a link or an image. Some designers even use tooltip instead of a javascript popup window to ensure their message is read in case the user has javascript turned off in their browser.

I’ve used many different types of tooltips in the past and they all shared the same problem, they do not work with Internet Explorer 6. After many trial and error, I finally have a pure CSS tooltip that works in IE6.

5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

1. Layout In web design, the first step is to choose the layout which best suites your needs. Layout is basically the placement of your content, images and information in your web page. Normally layout is designed in Adobe Photoshop

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MMS Settings for TMobile iPhone

At long last the iPhone now has MMS capabilities and if you’re on the TMobile network, you too can take advantage of this great feature. After trying so many different configurations, I finally found one setting that works with sending

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Google Wave Invites – Get Yours Here

I finally received my Google Wave invite and to my delight, I was given a certain amount of Wave invites I can send out. I decided I’m going to send out invites to 3 of my blog readers, all you

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7 CSS Layout Tips

The most difficult thing in CSS to get right is the layout of your site. Here are a couple of tips dealing just with that. Some of these tips are not exactly new, or rocket science, but hopefully they will

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KPMRS Analytics

A spanking fresh Analytics service called KPMRS.com has hit the Internet marketing World with a storm. This tool lets you check your Website Rankings on Yahoo, Google and Bing, with the keywords of your choice. KPMRS also supports a battery

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