Infographic: Chicago VS New York

Spring time is here, perfect time to visit a city that perhaps you haven’t visited before. When it comes to a fast paced city life, Chicago and New York definitely takes the cake. Exactly what makes these 2 cities so appealing to out of towners? Check out the comparison below.

[ click on the image for full view ]

4 Responses to “Infographic: Chicago VS New York”

  1. sac de marques

    I would choose Chiago too, live in NewYear have more life pressure after all.

  2. Dale Green

    I will choose Chicago.One factor is the cost of living.And Chicago has my favorite Basketball Team Bulls

  3. NDS

    Very detailed information. If that’s just a trip, maybe i will choose Chicago, but for life and working, i will choose New York, because NY is more convenient.

  4. emily

    I would choose Chicago compared with New York. I believe travelling is for leisure and it needs clean air, good transport and more nature views.

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