Keep DLL Errors At Bay

Keep DLL Errors At Bay And Boost The Performance Of Your Computer

It is no secret that frequent computer errors seriously affect a computer’s efficiency and can hamper productivity. Over time, almost all computers slow down and become prone to errors. However, this aging process of computers can be reversed and your computer can be nearly as fast as it was when you purchased it.

To enjoy a nearly error-free computer, all you will require is some basic knowledge and a conscious effort to take care of your computer. Expertise in computers is an additional advantage but not a necessity. To validate our point, we’ve compiled a list of some useful pointers that will help you avoid one of the most common computer application errors – DLL errors.

Take care when deleting a file

At times, you may delete an important DLL file by mistake causing recurring DLL error messages to emerge. Typically this happens when you are deleting a file that has a similar name as the DLL file. Pay close attention to the file extension (.dll, .exe, .mp3 are file extensions that are listed after the file name), before deleting a file to prevent the removal of important files by mistake.

Install robust protective software

The magnitude of problems caused by malware infections can be gauged from the fact that most DLL errors such as faultrep.dll, msvcp71.dll, and xvidcore.dll errors occur due to them. To prevent malware programs from breaching your computer’s security and altering the codes embedded in the DLL files, you must install robust antivirus and antispyware software. In order to ensure complete security, you must also keep these protective tools up-to-date with the latest malware definitions and security updates.

Perform regular registry scans

An unclean or corrupt registry is another major cause of recurring DLL errors. To improve your computer’s overall efficiency and to avoid errors that originate because of registry issues, clean your registry regularly. You may use an advanced and reliable registry cleaning utility to do this.

Ensure complete and correct installation of new programs

When you install a new program, ensure that you do not do an incomplete installation. An incomplete installation will cause various DLL errors when you try to execute the program. Also, when you install a program using an installation disc, make sure that the disc is not scratched or damaged. Although you may be able to successfully install a program, it may still cause various issues, such as DLL errors later on when you run the program.

Similarly, when you uninstall a program ensure that you do not delete a shared DLL file in the process. Removal of a shared DLL file may cause DLL error messages to frequently pop-up on your screen. You may use a reliable uninstaller tool to ensure complete and correct uninstallation of programs.

Update your driver files

Outdated driver files may also cause frequent DLL issues. To prevent this, ensure that you use the latest device drivers. You can easily ensure this by opting for a reliable third-party driver scanner tool. An efficient driver scanner tool automatically updates your drivers whenever new updates are released.

Incorporating the tips discussed in this article will help you improve your computer’s efficiency and prevent the occurrence of common computer errors, such as DLL errors.

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