Simple Steps for Resolving PC Audio Issues

The PC is a versatile machine, capable of performing almost all types of activities. But perhaps the most interesting, and satisfying one is the ability to play audio files. Consider the utility of audio files; they are used in:

  • Generating warning and startup/shutdown sounds.
  • Background music and effects in games.
  • Audio and video playback in the form of Movies.
  • Listening to music and other mp3 files.

Therefore, whenever we come across any errors related to audio files, our first instinct is to lose heart and hope. Who wants to see their system paralyzed in terms of playing sound, ending up missing their favorite music and movies?

Types of audio files

There are many types of audio files on a Windows PC, and it is not possible to cover all of them here. However, it is important to understand about as many of them as possible, because it really makes troubleshooting very easy. We will now discuss three of the important audio files on a Windows system:

  • .flac file type – Just as there are many types of audio files on a Windows system, there are many ways of playing them. This is what we commonly call a codec. And the FLAC is a family of codecs designed to play and compress audio files without any loss in quality.
  • .ogg file type – When the open source community started developing its GUI, it faced an impasse with .mp3 files: they were patented and copyright protected. Therefore, they came up with their own format, called the OGG Vorbis file format, which has become the de-facto standard in open source systems.
  • .ram file type – This file type belongs to the Real media player. In essence, it is an algorithm to keep the music in a compressed format. Sometimes, these files also contain a .ra extension, but the basics remain the same.

Getting rid of audio errors

It is surely distressing to face errors related to audio, but it doesn’t mean that all is lost. You should follow the steps given below to ensure that your system is free from audio errors:

  • Registry cleanup – The registry contains all the settings regarding the various types of audio files in your computer, and hence, a corrupt registry can give rise to a variety of errors. Invest in a good registry cleaner, and make sure that your registry is clean and free from errors.
  • Virus scan – Many viruses work to undermine the filesystem and generate audio file errors. Therefore, you should have a good antivirus and should update it regularly.
  • Use the right software – Do a little research on the internet and try to determine which software plays the type of file. For instance, you may have a .ogg file, which would not run in Windows media player.

What we have shared with you are very basic steps, and they certainly do not cover every type of error. In case the problem persists even after all this, you should immediately call up technical support and get more help.

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