How To Fix EXE Startup Issues and Errors

computer-failureThe capabilities of new computer applications these days are enormous. They let us achieve and do so much more in a very short period of time. Therefore, there is a kind of race going on amongst users to install as many of these new and exciting applications on their PCs. At the core of all these applications are a bunch of EXE or executable files that help these applications realize their potential by performing specified tasks.

The downside of these EXE files is that they are present in large numbers on all PCs. This large quantity of files on a single system increases the chances of one or more of them becoming corrupt, infected, or generating conflict with other files. All these issues then manifest in the form of errors with different symptoms. Out of these, EXE startup issues and errors are quite common.

Before learning how to troubleshoot, let’s see why startup errors occur. Some of the common causes of startup errors are hardware failure, bad driver files, problems with hard disk volumes, incorrect system configuration, and virus infections. You may also encounter slow startup problems if you have a large number of unwanted files running on your computer.

If your computer encounters a hardware failure, bad hard disk volumes, and bad files and drivers, it may fail to even load your operating system. At times, your system may halt, perform a physical memory dump and display a stop error message on a blue screen. This error message may display a code that you can use to search for a solution. However, as your PC may fail to boot, you may need to do this on another computer.

Virus infections may also cause startup issues. Depending on the type of infections, some viruses may enable you to start your PC and load the operating system, and some may prevent it from booting. In this case, you must first try to start your PC in Safe mode. If it starts, you may use an antivirus utility that works in Safe mode and then scan and clean viruses from it. If your PC fails to boot even in Safe mode, then you may start your PC in DOS mode. On Windows XP and above with NTFS partitions, you may need to start the Recovery Console. From here, you may run a DOS-based antivirus tool to scan and clean your PC.

You may encounter slow startup problems by unwanted files, such as osa.exe. These processes load at system startup but are rarely used. To disable osa.exe on startup, you may use the System Configuration Utility that comes built-in with Windows. You may use this utility to disable all programs that you don’t want to load at startup. However, you need to be careful while doing these tasks because some of the processes that load at startup are essential Windows processes and must not be disabled.

Bad drivers may also result in startup problems. For example, a spoolsv.exe problem may occur if your printer driver is corrupt or outdated. To resolve bad driver problems, you may use the Device Manager utility to identify the hardware that is generating the error, uninstall its driver and then reinstall it to replace the damaged files. If the error is caused due to outdated driver files, you may download the latest updates from the driver manufacturer’s website and then install them to repair the error. To prevent driver problems and to ensure that your drivers are always up-to-date, you may use a good driver scanner tool that can do these tasks for you automatically.

In the end, to prevent startup issues, it is imperative for you to manage a compact and error-free registry. These tasks become quite easy with the help of a handy registry cleaner tool.

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