Super Tips To Prevent Malware Infection

The term malware is a short form of malicious software, which means software with bad intentions. It includes all kinds of code that compromises the security of your system for malicious intentions. Malware is a broad term and includes:

  1. Viruses that attempt to cause harm to your PC.
  2. Any software code that makes your PC vulnerable to the hacking community.
  3. Spyware or adware that collect information and show ads without consent.

These malware may make a secret entry onto your computer when you either open an infected email, download programs or freeware like the mirar toolbar, click on pop-up ads or share files. It has been noticed that once these malicious intruders find their way into your computer, they can be a big nuisance and almost impossible to remove.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use the following super tips to prevent malware infection, instead of having to weed them out once they have already started causing havoc on your PC:

  1. Be aware of the normal functioning pattern of your PC. If you notice anything unusual you should become alert as this could be a sign of a malware problem.
  2. Install a reliable anti-virus and an anti-spyware. Make sure you update them on a regular basis, run thorough scans and keep real-time protection ON. This should block a large percentage of malware trying to break in.
  3. Another important step is to install a firewall to protect your PC. This is particularly important for computers that are connected to Internet for long hours. It is advisable that you do not have more than one firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware installed on your PC at one time as this may have a negative impact on the security and may even cause PC errors.
  4. Pop-ups are not only irritating but they have a potential to cause a lot of damage. Make sure that your browser blocks pop-ups to keep malware away from your PC.
  5. It is recommended that you use an email client that employs a tool to guard your PC from spam. This is because many Trojans and viruses are being spread over the internet by using email as a medium. Filtering these emails will provide protection to your computer from such attacks.
  6. Never download any program or software from sites that look dubious or are unknown. Some of these programs may look innocent but may have additional malicious codes bundled with the main product.
  7. Invest a little money in purchasing a reputable registry cleaner. This will not only keep your PC efficient but will also help you get rid of malware that has changed the entries in your windows registry and is not being removed by your anti-spyware tool.
  8. Please be wary of sharing files with others as the malware can get transmitted to your computer through CD or files. It is recommended that you run a thorough scan using an anti-virus tool before installing any program from a CD to your PC.
  9. You are advised to review the user license of the programs you intend to download with utmost care. These licenses may have fine print which can give them permission to install bad software on your computer.
  10. Uninstall programs you no longer use. For example, you must remove the uninstall Nero CD writing software if you no longer use it. This is important because we invariably fail to update software that we do not use, and thus open up our PCs to hackers and malware.

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  1. alistar

    today i have learnt a
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  3. Tom Alter

    Here i learn about the sign of malware infection. As i use e-banking on my system it is very useful to protect my system from malware infection as i make online payment. This is a very useful information.

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