T Mobile EDGE Stopped Working?

ATTENTION: View the original T Zones Hack here…T Mobile EDGE on iPhone.

I’ve been receiving quite a number of emails about iPhone users on the T Mobile network who suddenly can no longer use their EDGE connection. I myself was stumped for a while after learning that my iPhone can no longer browse the internet but can still receive email messages. So after doing my research online I found out that T Mobile recently updated their IP address for T Zones which would explain why everybody using the T Zones hack can no longer use their EDGE connection.

Well here’s a workaround for you. Right click and save this file as proxy.pac and replace your current proxy.pac file in your iPhone. For users that are on Firmware 2.0 and above just use Cydia to update your T Zones Hack. For users that are on firmware 1.1.x upload the file to /var/preferences/.
Firmware 1.1.4 upload to /var/root.
For users that are on firmware 1.0.2 and below, upload the file to /private/var/root.

Yeah But How The Heck Do I Upload?

You can still use iBrickr to upload into your phone’s file system, I was able to successfully update my friend’s iPhone using iBrickr. Please note that iBrickr may only work on firmwares 1.0.2 and below. You may also use winscp but you will need wifi access in order to browse your iPhone.

Once you have the file uploaded double check your EDGE settings, the APN should say wap.voicestream.com, the username and password is Guest. Reboot the iPhone just to make sure everything’s ok, and try surfing now.

NOTE: One of the readers has figured out why it doesn’t work for some people. You have to update your plist. Go back to the original post and download the plist and then edit the location for the proxy.pac. The original plist locates the proxy.pac at var/root which is okay for below 1.1.3 I believe but for the people with 1.1.4 you need it to be at var/preferences/proxy.pac.

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  1. Casemon

    re: Outdated
    Is there some new preferred method for achieving this?

  2. Jon B

    No idea man, I doubt anybody is using it since it’s outdated.

  3. Casemon

    JB, whose proxy is this? I’m curious.

    Just so your users know, all their traffic is being routed through this computer, so account passwords, banking, email etc. is potentially vulnerable to “man in the middle” attacks.

    Always know who is behind your proxy! JB, can you help us?

  4. Teresa


  5. Teresa


  6. sam

    I have 8gb unlocked iphone. i have the sidekick unlimited data plan. can i use this and how? can you help me out?

  7. imac

    Hi Jon, thanx for your reply. Maybe I haven’t provided much detail. I live in Suriname and our carrier/provider is Telesur, so http://wap.voicestream.com/ won’t work nor do I have a plan. I also have a Nokia E50 and in this phone I have to configure access point name, data bearer, usern, passwd, authentication and more advanced settings like network type (ipv4, ipv6), manually or automatically set ipaddres and dns. And also proxy server and portnumber.
    Now, I don’t see all these stuff in my iphone. I don’t expect the same on the iphone, but there has to be an option where you can config these settings, right?

  8. Jon B

    You don’t need to set up anything else other than the apn..try using wap.voicestream.com, leave the username and password blank. And also you have to have a data plan on your phone in order to use EDGE.

  9. imac

    Hi, I do not see the option to configure EDGE, only cellular data where I can enter my apn, username and passwd. How do I enter proxy settings, like proxy server’s ip address and port number. I have an iphone 3g version 2.2.1

  10. Manu

    I’m happy to report that my EDGE decided to work again today (with the original settings: wap.voicestream.com, UN: guest, PW: guest. And with TZones for 5.99!

  11. Jon S

    I have not bought an iphone yet, probably not til income tax return, I’m trying to figure out what to buy, 1st gen or 3g, and how to unlock and jailbreak ,what does jailbreak do. I have a razr now with tmobile now and like the 5.99 data plan but now they changed it. The main thing i’m worried about working is youtube and maps with locator. What do you advise? thanks

  12. Manu

    Am using “guest” and “guest”, but have also tried it with leaving Username and PW blank. Both versions are not working right now. “guest” has worked before, most of the time, since I started using the phone in August. I do have the latest updates from Cydia, but I’m still on version 2.0.1 …

  13. Jon B

    What username and password are you using?

  14. Manu

    My EDGE stopped working about a week or so ago. I wasn’t too worried as it happened before and then it worked again later. But so far still no EDGE. Today my Voicemail also failed so I called T-Mobile. While I dealt w Voicemail, I also asked her about TZones and the EDGE and why she thinks it doesn’t work. She said TZones is not for the iPhone and I have to get a different plan (for 24.99). Do you guys think that T-Mobile finally changed things so that we can’t use TZones with iPhone 3G any longer? Or will it come back up? Or do I need a different APN (I currently use wap.voicestream.com). Thanks guys.

  15. Jon B

    Maps work just fine for me…yes EDGE is rather slow. I hope T Mobile updates their network.

    Jon Bs last blog post..Easy Ways to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

  16. Jon B

    I haven’t figured out how to stream YouTube over EDGE. The EDGE seems to run much faster on the second generation iPhones.

    My average EDGE speed is around 100kbps, not bad for just $5.99 a month.

  17. Soner

    not really. I can’t even really get maps to work. I have web2go and that is supposed to be faster than tzones. It is still crazy slow. a picture from flickr takes like 6-8 seconds to load.

  18. Jon S

    If you do not have a 3g plan does youtube stream well on the $5.99 tmobile tzones plan. thanks.

  19. Jim

    After a successful update of a the original iPhone to 2.2 using pwnage tool 2.2 I was not able to get the T-Zone to work.

    Post 23 fixed the problem

  20. Soner

    So I called tmobile and told them “I have an iphone and I want tzones”. She said sure let me go ahead and get your emei number. She came back after putting me on hold and said that the computer would not let her add it. They changed the system to where you have to add either the serial and from there it will let you add the services. She said the cheapest one she could add was the $24.95 plan. I am going to grap an old phone and walk into tmobile and ask them to add tzones to that phone. Wish me luck.

  21. Soner

    Well, going to try this out and see if it still works as of today. 🙂

  22. sweet

    Awesome!! worked!! Thank you!!!

  23. Michael Kerr

    Adel Hallak is the MAN!!!

  24. j

    Thanks. this was what fixed it for me.
    very much appreciated!!!!!!!

  25. DMAK

    OMG!!! I’ve spent countless freaking hours trying to get edge to work and nothing ever seemed to work until now!!! THANKS TIMES A MILLION!!! :]

  26. jackm2211

    I just wonder what type of T-mobile plan that you guys can add T-zone? Can I use prepaid plan? Do I have to use flexpay? Or it has to be monthly plan? Thank you very much.





  28. x7an

    you are the man!!!

  29. nG

    I figured it out. In the General > Network > Cellular Data Network: you add wap.voicestream.com in the APN field, no user/pass.

    Thanks again.

  30. nG

    I downloaded the TZones hack, turned off wifi/edge rebooted and turned on edge. I try to load safari about a minute later and get the message “could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a celluar data service.” But I have te $5.99 Tzones service.

  31. Jon B

    Yup, you can just download the latest T Zones hack found in Cydia.

  32. nG

    I have a unlocked v2.1 iPhone that I pwnageTool’d. Can I just download the program from Cydia and it should work (as long as I have the $5.99 t-zones) or do I have to do other things to get this to work?

  33. Adel Hallak

    yo, those of you who have the tmobile hack but it is no longer working, use this address in the APN setting: epc.tmobile.com enjoy!

  34. Time Tracker

    Wha BAM! Here’s the fix that I’ve been looking for. Thanks a bajillion!

    Time Trackers last blog post..Lego Blocks as Time Trackers?

  35. Adel Hallak

    hey cutie, i can help u if u wanna!

  36. Adel Hallak

    haha Melissa’s internet doesnt wooooooork, mine doessssssss! nananananananaaaaaaaaaana!! 🙂

  37. Melissa

    Okay, i have a unlocked 3g iphone and my edge was working fine till yesterday not i can’t get it to work. I tried changing the apn to wap.voicestream.com and it still doesn’t work. I also read somewhere to toggle the airplane mode switch, that didnt work. For whatever reason i can’t log on to winscp anymore (i used to be able to with my 2g iphone)I’m really frustrated right now and I’d appreciate any help i can get. Thanks

  38. Adel Hallak

    ok nevermind, got it.


    Hey Guys,

    I’m back. Now with a 3g 2.1 unlocked, jailbroken, and installed ssh and tmobile hack from Cydia…still not working…do i have to update proxy file? in this article it said to update proxy on 1.1.4 or older…howcome my internet doesnt work? thx

  40. happysheen

    I just sign to Tmobile and got an 3G iphone with version 2.1. I need help by how to use the T-Zone on my iphone??

  41. Jaron

    Just upgraded to FW 2.1. and installed it from Cydia. Just need to restart the iphone and this works like a charm. Thank you.

  42. Jon B

    Thanks for the clarification JUB, I’ll go ahead and update the post.

  43. Adel Hallak

    JUB, you are the SHIT !!! and the creator of this website is also the shit…

    I followed all the steps but still didnt work, then did what JUB told me and it works!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

    Thanks people!

  44. jub

    I figured out why it doesn’t work for some people. You have to update your plist. Go back to the original post and download the plist and then edit the location for the proxy.pac. The original plist locates the proxy.pac at var/root which is okay for below 1.1.3 I believe but for the people with 1.1.4 you need it to be at var/preferences/proxy.pac

    I hope this help and it might not be clear for everyone so I hope the author can edit his post with more detail.

    PS. The security is so unclear. 3 tries to post this message!

  45. Sam

    Adel, the question you’re asking is important but it’s outside the scope of the discussion. Getting access to the iPhone’s file system isn’t trivial if you’re doing it for the first time, and you’ll need to google it and find an online tutorial that works for you. It’s a little much to post in an online comment.

  46. jub

    replaced pack list and still it doesn’t work. do i have to wait a few hours for it to connect?

  47. tim

    i did what u did however my maps and stuff still isnt working



    anyone gonna help?

  49. Mace in L.A.

    Man, thanks. I have an 8G 2G, Tmobile plan Iphone 1.1.4. I had EDGE okay and no YouTube after friend unlocked. I restored (1.1.4), then I unlocked and jailbreaked with Ziphone 3.0 and initialized through Itunes 8(Thank god my contacts came back), and all features worked…except EDGE. Then, followed your instructions..and entered the APN info manually for good measure.:) All works now. YouTube through EDGE? Who’dve thunk it? You the sh**t! Thanks again!

  50. Adel Hallak


    I updated proxy, filled out APN and username and password, restarted but still does not work 🙁

    i have 16gb 1.1.4

    Please Help!

  51. Jon B

    upload the file again…check the EDGE settings..APN should say wap.voicestream.com and the username and password should be guest.

    Reboot the iPhone and check the EDGE settings one more time.

  52. moe

    ihave the same iphone 16g 1.1.4 and tried the winscp i just changed the numbers on the proxy.pac i didnt change the file still not working let me know how u did yours plz

  53. OL

    In my case (IPhone 16GB 1.1.4 (4A102)) the file proxy.pac was indeed under /var/preferences.
    T-mobile EDGE Service restarted immediately upon replacing the proxy.pac file and turning off the wireless function. Rebooting was not even needed. Weather, maps, stocks, safari, YouTube checked OK.
    JB, You’re a Hero
    Note for those who are not routinely doing system checks: the BSD and SSH Are installed throught he IPone “INSTALLER” Icon, Install/System function.
    For the file transfer itself, first save the proxy.pac in your my document folder, then use the WINSCP Windowto drag and drop in the proper IPhone folder.

  54. mj

    so feel retarded forgot how to download files to my iphone??? using a mac

  55. mj

    ok i totally fogot how to get this file on my phone anyway you can guide me? I am using a mac with unlocked tmobile

  56. Jay

    hello, thank you for helping my 16gb hacked 2g iphone firmware 1.1.4. I did what you told me to, so my map and weather works now, but somehow safari hasn’t been fixed yet. I still get the error. plz help me

  57. Nicole

    I had updated my iphone with the new preferences.plist, but both edge and wifi doesn’t work. If i want to go back to the original plist, where my wifi worked, is that possible? appreciate your help.

  58. Adel Hallak

    how do you donwload the file and how do you replace the proxy.pac?

    I opened WinSCP and saw my old proxy.pac

    When I click download this file it opens some weird page.

  59. T Mobile EDGE and iPhone

    […] Want EDGE on your T Mobile iPhone? For anyone who has performed the T Zones hack and can no longer use their EDGE, follow my instructions on updating the proxy.pac file…find it here. […]

  60. Jon B

    You have to install the Bigg Boss Repository in Cydia..that repository holds the newest TZones hack. I just checked my Cydia and it’s located inside the Tweaks category. Just Google the phrase bigg boss repository.

  61. eztips

    im on 2.0.2 with a 1st gen iphone and cydia has no tzone hack update, i reinstalled but its still not working.

  62. Roberto

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    Your blog has the most attractive design I’ve ever seen on the web!
    And it’s all well done, with perfect use of CSS.
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  63. crypple

    Mate you’re a champion. Your fix worked perfectly on my hacked 16GB 2G iphone (running 1.1.4). PLease take note that the location you stated for 1.1.4 is incorrect. My proxy.pac that required the update is located in //var/root which is the first screen a windows user will see when logging in with Winscp. Hope this helps others and thanks again.

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