T Mobile EDGE Stopped Working?

ATTENTION: View the original T Zones Hack here…T Mobile EDGE on iPhone.

I’ve been receiving quite a number of emails about iPhone users on the T Mobile network who suddenly can no longer use their EDGE connection. I myself was stumped for a while after learning that my iPhone can no longer browse the internet but can still receive email messages. So after doing my research online I found out that T Mobile recently updated their IP address for T Zones which would explain why everybody using the T Zones hack can no longer use their EDGE connection.

Well here’s a workaround for you. Right click and save this file as proxy.pac and replace your current proxy.pac file in your iPhone. For users that are on Firmware 2.0 and above just use Cydia to update your T Zones Hack. For users that are on firmware 1.1.x upload the file to /var/preferences/.
Firmware 1.1.4 upload to /var/root.
For users that are on firmware 1.0.2 and below, upload the file to /private/var/root.

Yeah But How The Heck Do I Upload?

You can still use iBrickr to upload into your phone’s file system, I was able to successfully update my friend’s iPhone using iBrickr. Please note that iBrickr may only work on firmwares 1.0.2 and below. You may also use winscp but you will need wifi access in order to browse your iPhone.

Once you have the file uploaded double check your EDGE settings, the APN should say wap.voicestream.com, the username and password is Guest. Reboot the iPhone just to make sure everything’s ok, and try surfing now.

NOTE: One of the readers has figured out why it doesn’t work for some people. You have to update your plist. Go back to the original post and download the plist and then edit the location for the proxy.pac. The original plist locates the proxy.pac at var/root which is okay for below 1.1.3 I believe but for the people with 1.1.4 you need it to be at var/preferences/proxy.pac.

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  1. Casemon

    re: Outdated
    Is there some new preferred method for achieving this?

  2. Jon B

    No idea man, I doubt anybody is using it since it’s outdated.

  3. Casemon

    JB, whose proxy is this? I’m curious.

    Just so your users know, all their traffic is being routed through this computer, so account passwords, banking, email etc. is potentially vulnerable to “man in the middle” attacks.

    Always know who is behind your proxy! JB, can you help us?

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