Want EDGE on your T Mobile iPhone?

If you have the iPhone 3G, 3Gs or 4G, you don’t have to set up your APN settings, simply call T-Mobile and add a data plan to your account. To set up MMS on your device, go to: MMS Settings for TMobile iPhone.
If you’re on firmware 3.0 and above, there’s no need to follow this hack, follow the instructions here.
ATTENTION: For anyone who has performed the T Zones hack and can no longer use their EDGE, follow my instructions on updating the proxy.pac file…find it here.

I’ve had my hacked iPhone for quite a while now and always wondered if I can use T Mobile’s data plan on it. I called customer service and asked if I would be able to run their data plan on my iPhone, the person I spoke with told me that it was impossible and cannot be done. I refused to believe this so I did my research online on using T Mobile’s EDGE with the iPhone, and low and behold there are quite a few iPhone owners out there using the T Mobile EDGE connection. It looks like you CAN USE T Mobile’s T Zones internet connection on your iPhone. The best part is it only cost $5.99 a month! Now this requires a simple hack but it is very easy to follow, let’s get to it:

You will need iBrickr to browse the file system of your iPhone.
Download iBrickr

If you’ve never used iBrickr before visit the link below for a video tutorial:
View tutorial

If iBrickr doesn’t work for you, try using WINSCP, it will also allow you to view and modify the files in your iPhone much like iBrickr.

Once you have iBrickr downloaded and the PXL files installed on your iPhone, you will launch iBrickr.exe. You’ll see the main interface, click on files to browse your phone’s file system.

iBrickr for the iPhone

( This procedure is for firmware 1.1.2 and under )

Locate /private/var/root

Launch notepad and paste this code:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
return "PROXY";
return "DIRECT";

Save the file as proxy.pac and upload it to /private/var/root

Right-click this file and select “Save Link As”, you need to save the file as preferences.plist, you will then upload preferences.plist into the following iPhone directory:


NOTE : If you are on firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, upload the preferences.plist to this directory:


This will over write the current file that’s already in that directory.

Now grab your iPhone and tap Settings – General – Network – EDGE. The APN you will use is wap.voicestream.com, username and password will be guest. Reboot your iPhone and voila…you should be able to browse online using EDGE.

NOTE: After performing this hack I noticed that EDGE interfered with my wifi connection at home. If this happens to you, here’s a very helpful solution. Launch iBrickr.exe again, this time we will click on Applications. Click on the Browse Applications button, this will launch a list of 3rd party apps you can install at your will, for our purpose we will install an app called Services. Basically this will allow you to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and EDGE.

Once you’re done with the installation, iPhone will reboot and on your Springboard you should see a Services icon, tap the icon and here you can toggle between your EDGE and WiFi connection. Here’s the screenshot:

iPhone Services


Updated 07/01/09
If you’re on firmware 3.0, there’s no need to perform this hack. All you need to do is set up your APN. Go to Settings – General – Network – Cellular Data Network. In the APN field enter wap.voicestream.com, leave the username and password blank. That’s all you need to do to get EDGE running on your iPhone.

Updated 9/01/08
T-Mobile USA has changed the IP address in their system for the T-Zones service. For anyone on 1.1.4 and below you will have to SSH in and manually change your settings or upgrade to 2.0+ and install the NEW T-Zones Hack provided by Big Boss in Cydia. For anyone on 2.0+ who has the previous hack installed you will need to update to the new one.

You must subscribe to the $5.99 T-Zones service for the T-Zones hack to work.

“For 1.1.x users that really don’t want to upgrade, you can fix proxy.pac yourself but editing the file /var/preferences/proxy.pac and changing to

Updated 2/19/08

This hack works on firmware 1.1.3, it’s been verified by a couple readers from this blog. The preferences.plist can be found at this directory:


Updated 1/10/08

I’ve decided to copy this post over to a different forum so that others can post and maybe offer some suggestions or tips on making this work. Please go to: http://www.iphoneshowoff.com

Updated 12/20/07

Download the zipped file below and used these files if you are having trouble renaming your files. This zipped file contains proxy.pac and preferences.plistpreferences.plist may just show up as preferences depending on your pc, this is fine…just upload these 2 files to the appropriate locations.


Updated 12/01/07

This hack works on firmware 1.1.1. I finally updated my firmware and EDGE works flawlessly. I have both the 4GB and 8GB updated to 1.1.1 and so far everything is working as it should.

Updated 10/25/07

Some people are having problems with the preferences.plist I have, if the one I provided doesn’t work out for you try using the one from the link below:


Thanks Paul !!!

Updated 10/24/07Here’s a comprehensive list of EDGE settings for different countries:

Updated 10/23/07There seems to be a bit of confusion about making this hack work, let me just clarify a few things.

– You don’t have to buy the $19.99 data plan with T Mobile, the $5.99 plan is all you need.
– There are 2 files you need in order to make this work, proxy.pac and preferences.plist (both are on this page).
– To enable EDGE go to Settings – General – Network – EDGE. APN will be wap.voicestream.com, username and password will be guest.

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  1. HATCO

    ohh ok thnx man, big help dude now ima go buy one, can you or anyone help me find a iphone 3g or 3gs online which is under 130 bucks, can you guys just put the link below.. so i can go buy it

  2. Jon B

    Yes if the iPhone is unlocked then you should be able to just put your sim in there and start using it on the TMobile network. You don’t have to have the data plan in order to use the internet, if you have WiFi at home then you’ll be able to use that for your internet connection. If you want internet all the time ie. when you’re away from home, then yes, you will need a data plan.

  3. HATCO

    Hey guys i got a question I’m about to buy a iphone 3gs unlocked and use it for T-mobile, all i have to do is take my sim card out of my old T-mobile phone and put it in the iphone 3gs right? and also i have unmutilated text and talk i have no internet, do you have to get a data plan to use the internet? or is WiFi free can i just use my home router, would i have to pay?

  4. Han

    I have a iPhone 3GS for tmobile and for the last two month my connection was working fine when I insert epc.tmobile.com for my APN but Just now last week it stopped working for a day or two I was freaking out I tried everything but then it started to work again somehow.. But just now today I run into the same problem again where it says service stopped responding or something like that idk what to do someone please help me

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  6. rudolf aime

    how u did that ? i got a 3gs too i wanna do the same thing
    did u unlock it ?

  7. sarah

    Hi. I need help. I just got 2 sim cards for my used 3GS iphones (unlocked and jailbroken, iOS 3.1.1 and 4.0.1) and put it in. I have a $10 data plan for regular phones on my account. I thought that I would be able to use the web right away but that didn’t happen. I can’t use the web on it. I tried changing the APN settings on one of the phones and that didn’t help. On the other phone(ios 3.1.1), I am unable to change the APN settings due to the fact that when I click on APN it takes me back to my main screen.
    Please help.

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    No. It will be on the 3G network then so it will be faster.

  12. Cornelius

    Great tutorial on switching your iPhone from AT&T to T-Mobile:


  13. htc hero

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