CSS Tooltip That Works With IE6

A tooltip is a great way to present the user with a small popup when they hover over a link or an image. Some designers even use tooltip instead of a javascript popup window to ensure their message is read in case the user has javascript turned off in their browser.

I’ve used many different types of tooltips in the past and they all shared the same problem, they do not work with Internet Explorer 6. After many trial and error, I finally have a pure CSS tooltip that works in IE6.

7 CSS Layout Tips

The most difficult thing in CSS to get right is the layout of your site. Here are a couple of tips dealing just with that. Some of these tips are not exactly new, or rocket science, but hopefully they will

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Speed Up and Reduce Your CSS File

Cascading Style Sheets otherwise known as CSS has become one of the most important aspect of web development, over the last 6 years we’ve seen some amazing web design backed up by ingenious use of CSS. If you’re concerned about

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Fancy CSS Content Box

Strictly for beginners only, if you are a CSS guru you probably know how to make a better css content box. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In lobortis. Nam molestie lacus sed metus lobortis rutrum. Curabitur est

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