Clear Your PC Memory The Easy Way!

If you’re a designer using a pc platform then you know that most of the image editing software you use eats up your computer’s resources. (Stop laughing MAC users) Especially if you have about 6 to 8 different applications running at the same time, depending on your computer’s specs, running all these applications at the same time will often cause the pc to lock up or shut down on its own.

So what do you do when you start to notice that your pc is bogging down? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple button you can click on to clear out your computer’s memory? WinXP doesn’t have that button but that shouldn’t stop us from making our very own clear memory button. This is really simple so let’s get to it…

First thing you need to do is right-click anywhere on your desktop, click on New, click on Shortcut. This will bring up the Create Shortcut wizard, copy and paste the following into the location text box:

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks


Click Next – Now name it whatever you want, I suggest naming in “Clear Memory” and click Finish.


And that’s it, you should see an icon called Clear Memory on your desktop. Whenever your computer hangs when you’re using your apps simply click this button and your computer memory will be cleared w/o having to restart completely…pretty nifty huh?


35 Responses to “Clear Your PC Memory The Easy Way!”

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  3. BlockCop

    Anti-Spyware program lol! sorry for grammar natzi

  4. BlockCop

    This fix works like a charm, The only problem i found with my computer not the fix. Is that once i clear it i check taskmanager and my physical just falls to something like 4-11, I assume this happens on startup but with this I’m able to see it fall. And I’m not running any programs besides WinVistaOS and basic drivers and a few basic programs that aren’t hogging memory…
    |Total=1982 |
    |Cached=1336 |
    |Free=0 |
    Is this perhaps a glitch???
    I would be thankful for some information if someone happens to figure this one out.

  5. iqbal

    thanks for the tip! i have no problem with memory i use linax

  6. Mukashi

    Works like a charm!! This solved a problem that I have been dealing with for some time now. THANK YOU!!!

  7. venkatesan

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  8. Dylan

    That it is actually false, well mabye, depending on your version. My Dell XPS 400 is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and is compatible with many things x86, and I have it.

  9. Nath

    I have “The file…rundll32.exe cannot be found”
    What do I do?

  10. BOOBS

    doesnt work in windows 7..and i cant find anything that does

  11. nash

    Really useful material. When I see the screen shots, I have faith.

  12. byron

    Could be good. I have delayed so long because of not being sure how to do this that it will take all night, but here goes.

  13. clarence walsh

    Nice tip. Really useful. thanks

  14. byron dade

    I just see that someone said it doesn’t work on windows 7. Keep the windows 7 anyway. I “upgraded” to windows 8 and had compatibility problems with many installed programs, Camtasia as an example.

  15. vlad stravinsky

    That is really good. I have struggled to get where you got. Thanks.

  16. Napoleon

    Darling, if your computer has “completely crashed”, how ever did you get here? Also, KEEP SHOUTING! (200 years and death changes nothing…)

  17. Anthony

    Did not work on Windows Vista.

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    Really it was very informative post on the memory clearing.MY computer was very slow and some time it freezes too but your tips has given has helped me a lot.

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    I totally agree with you . Dust are the main reason for the damage of the computer fan. And also it make the computer look dirty from the inside.I always had a problem in cleaning the dust.

  20. Dulles airport hotel

    I find many web pages suggesting this as a method of clearing a memory. Though not sure whether it really clears the memory or not.So I pushed my computer off the desk.

  21. Nathan

    Is the shortcut the same for Windows 2000 Professional? I still use it and like it a lot, and can see the benefit of being able to do this.

  22. Computer Ram Upgrades

    Windows XP has many tricks like this. Virtually you can make shortcut for any procedure you want to follow. This can be beneficiary while dealing with applications that eat up huge memory.


    XP has a number of processes that normally run during idle time every 3 days. This command runs them now. It does not clear memory. Looking at Task Manager while it is running will quickly show this. In any event clearing memory is a bad idea. Free memory is wasted memory and the enemy of performance.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

  24. Beginner Computer Help

    Clear Your Computer Memory…

    Most of the image editing software and also Microsoft Office use very big amount of computer memory. Depending on your computer specification, if you running many applications at the same time will often cause the computer to slowdown and event hang.

  25. Zee

    Thanks. Great tip.

  26. Nathan

    Is there a similar thing for Windows 2000?

  27. Josephine


  28. Dan

    This is a great tip… I need to do a reinstall soon but this will buy me a couple more months of time 🙂

  29. Jon B

    If your pc is completely frozen and won’t do anything it’s probably not a system memory issue.

    I would boot up in safe mode, and start cleaning out my pc by uninstalling programs I no longer use.

    I would also run a spyware program.

  30. PR

    If your pc is frozen, how are you going to click on a desktop shortcut when you can’t even move the cursor or minimize to get to the desktop?

  31. Rexibit Web Services

    Lol, I had never thought of that. Nice tutorial.

  32. Holger_Lang

    Thank you: GREAT

  33. natural constipation relief

    This was a rather helpful tip, can you post more on troubleshooting WinXP??? Thank you.

  34. pooja kashyap

    wow! thank you for the tip, it helped me restoring my pc without formating it 🙂

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